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ZackY 01/04/2008 15:15

DREAMBOX English section !!
In this section you can write your question or information in English language.

said 01/04/2008 16:32

welcome to all speaking english in the new section for reveiver Dreambox .
if u need any help just ask and u will find us here :)

FiEsTaMaN 02/04/2008 23:56

Welcome to everybody to this english satellite receptor's forum, I hope we can help you ( and you can help us).

TAGHRICHTE 09/06/2008 13:19

Hi everybody
thanks a lot for this english section , i want to buy a dreambox but i do not know what is the best reference and how it works , should it be connected with a computer or directly with the internet ?

Thanks in advance for your answers

Groundhog1 07/08/2008 16:23


If you search on the web you will find loads of different models. You can also have a look at the first screan of these sections, it actually structures each model as a subsection. To get here you clcked on the english version but below you would see subsections for 500s, and others, well all this numbers relate to the different models. Since you are new you need manuals, I am afraid you want find them here in English, again you may need to search the net.
Be patient as the Dreambox is the most difficult satellite receiver to operate. Operating system is Linux so they are probably the best but will take you some time to get the ins and outs but for that you got a good number of really experience people in this forum willing to help you at every step. Most people start on the 500s as its the baby and is the cheapest but soon after find themselves hooked and end up buying a higher grade model.
They all have extensive functionalities, one of the coolest is call logging which mean it has the capability of opening the information sent via the satellite and you can actually have a look at the code. Being able to understand the code and play with it is a different matter that probably takes a hell of a lot of studying.

lasajipa 28/09/2008 16:25

help for ecm time
HI to all my problems on the ecm time I took all my time to face the ecm times for each channel and here are the comments that I saw, I noticed he had two groups of strings, a group ecm time with 320m and another group with 650 ms, and I do these tests

DREAM1 on channel 320ms ecm time and DREAM2 on channel 320ms ecm time resultat = good

DREAM1 on channel 650ms ecm time and DREAM2 on channel 320ms ecm time resultat = good

DREAM1 on channel 650ms ecm time and DREAM2 on channel 650ms ecm time resultat = freeze on picture

I concluded that if both dreambox are on channel that have very high ecm time, we are the pictures freeze on the dreambox to another interval by 10 seconds, but if we put the two dreambox on channels ecm time are low ,it works very well ,if you put one dreambox channel ecm time high and the other on channel ecm time low it works very well, here are my remarks, if it can find solutions to my problem thank you all

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